Polytheist temple/community center

For the longest time, like many a polytheist, I’ve dreamed of running a temple/community center.

Obviously, first and foremost, it would serve as a home for the gods where people can go and give offerings. This might be especially important for people who are young adults that live with their Christian parents and cannot have a shrine at home for worship.

Inside and outside space for people to rent to perform rituals, run classes, hold meetings for local groups, etc.  Kitchen of some kind for larger events such as weddings/funerals.

I think networking is also important. Having a list of people to perform specific religious services (chaplains, diviners, spiritual counseling, etc.)

Some sort of a religious supply area where people could buy things like candles, incense, deity images, shrine supplies, etc.

What else would you like to see in a local polytheist community center and temple?

Is it even possible to do this and incorporate different polytheist religions?

Much like Hindu temples, specific deity statues in the temple itself can be funded by the community.

Just idly dreaming in case the gods ever bless me with a winning lottery ticket…


~ by R.M. McGrath on 12/07/2019.

One Response to “Polytheist temple/community center”

  1. This might be a case where we can learn from the smaller, fringe Protestant church startups (which is apparently different from a “microchurch”, go figure). If you look at this map view of an office park, there are a bunch of churches in it: https://goo.gl/maps/eiDDtm1TcARrtSQLA

    Even here in Austin, where real estate is ludicrously overpriced, there are small office spaces available for a few hundred a month. For a single group, that might be too steep, but perhaps a few groups could work out a way to share the cost between them.

    This requires networking and bonds of trust, of course. But building those relationships is a key goal of the MAPLE project.

    Obviously, I’m talking about a way to start, not an end goal.

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